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Process: investment casting /shell mould casting/resin sand casting/lost foam casting/sand casting; Material: carbon steel / stainless steel aluminum / iron Certification:TS16949 certified
Process:casting /stamping /Forging /forming/folding /welding Material: iron /brass /nickel bronze /aluminum /stainless.
Cast Iron/Ductile iron pipe and fittings PVC pipe and fittings, Manhole cover and Frames, Trench drain and Grating, Floor drains and Roof drains Certification: UPC / CSA /EN877.
Process: investment casting /sand casting Material: iron /brass/stainless /steel.
Cast iron and steel ornamental accessories Gates and fences according to the customer's design.
Process: investment casting /sand casting Material: iron /brass/stainless /steel.
Stainless steel Casting Parts/Stainless steel Auto parts/Food machinery parts/Stainless steel Water Pump Parts.

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